Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)

Be the winner in manufacturers race to unveil
new electric vehicle offerings.

What’s it all about

Global consumer electric vehicle market is continuous and impressive increasing. With this V2G-technology for electric charging communications getting a key point in this market. V2G is providing with the standarized Plug & Charge features automated and secured communication between electric vehicles and charging stations based on digital certificates. Tamper-free charging and billing is fully autonomously working.

SEVENSTAX V2G is a next level Vehicle-to-Grid Communication Interface for embedded systems focusing on an outstanding performance with minimum memory footprint.

We help the world's leading OEMs and suppliers in automotive area with innovative software solutions. Be first in rapid developing with worldwide establisehd SEVENSTAX V2G

ISO 15118 / DIN 70121

Exchange standardized XML-based messages
between a Electrical Vehicle (EV) and an
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).
• Compliance with ISO 15118
• Compliance with DIN 70121

Supporting all sides of charging

Charging Stations
(Supply Equipment Communication Controller)

Electric Vehicles
(EV Communication Controller)

V2G Test Systems
(Build test equipment for your production line)

We ensure secure communication

V2G Application Layer Messages
Embedded TCP/IP Stack
Network Security (TLS 1.2)
SECC Discovery Protocol (SDP)
Supporting Wifi Interface
Supporting PLC Interface

Your advantages with SEVENSTAX V2G

Written in C (performance)
Embedded optimized (small RAM/ROM footprint)
No blocking states
No OS needed
MISRA checked
Full TCP/IPv6 Stack
TLS from experts
Custom user applications
Proven in series production
Meets the quality requirements for automotive area

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Easy customer integration

Plain API integration for fast integration and rapid development

No blocking states, no OS needed

Easy accessible predefined V2G message C-strucutues

Small memory footprint

V2G Library

RAM: 15 kB

ROM: 300kb

TCP/IPv6 Stack

RAM: 50 kB

ROM: 230kb


ISO 15118 compliant TLS 1.2

ISO 15118 compliant cipher suites

ISO 15118 compliant X.509 v3 certificates

Building OEMs PKI


According to Automotive standards

MISRA checked

Automated testing base on SEVENSTAX Test Bench

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